Finding homeless veterans where they gather

We go into the hidden places

We do early morning searches to find homeless veterans where they sleep, and visit shelters and meal sites to find veterans in need.

Often trust does not come easy

On those early-morning rounds, we offer food, toiletries, blankets and clothing. It is the first step toward building trust and getting them the help they need.

Vets know our supply truck will be there

Since 2008, we have made weekly visits to Repairers of the Breach, a daytime shelter, to meet with veterans and provide clothing, toiletries and bus tickets to allow them to get to medical appointments and job interviews.

We help vets navigate the VA system

Acting as advocates and guiding them through the system, we have secured benefit claims for more than 100 veterans, and have brought many more into the Veterans Administration system to receive health care and enroll in other programs. Filing claims and staying with the veterans to help them through the process is something we have done from the start.