To help families meet a short-term crisis

We deliver

Donations are always needed and welcomed. In general, food items must be nonperishable with an emphasis on ready-to-eat (no prepwork and no or little cooking required) and not expired.

A note on fresh food:
Thanks to individual donations, food drives, and contributions from foundations such as Roundy's, the MHVI emergency food pantry is now able to include fresh and frozen items when we respond to calls for emergency food. See our list for needed items we can accept.

Food during crises

Veterans and their families who are in a short-term crisis can get several days' worth of food delivered by MHVI.

That fills a crucial gap for those who need immediate help but cannot access regular food bank or nutrition programs.

Stocking the pantry

We also deliver a housewarming supply of groceries to the formerly homeless veterans and their families we are moving into new living spaces, to get them started as they set up housekeeping. In 2014 we supplied food to more than 600 veterans and family members.

Most needed food items

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Updated 7/1/16
Our most-needed food items:

  • Cereal


    Pudding cups

    Fruit Cups

    Canned Fruit

    Shelf Stable Milk

    Juice boxes

    Canned pastas (Spaghettios, Ravioli)

    Pasta Sauce

    Canned vegetables

    Canned soups

    Canned tuna or chicken

    Lipton noodles

    Boxed or rice packets

    Hormel meals

    Canned stews and chili

    Applesauce cups

    Pasta sauce

    Bottled water

Click to view the full most-needed items list

Kitchen, bath and household items, small appliances and food are listed.