"We don’t leave our wounded behind."

2014: A Watershed Year 

311 Homeless vets and their families moved into permanent homes and furnished completely by MHVI
600 Homeless and at-risk veterans and family members had food delivered
  • Wisconsin veterans’ lives improved by MHVI outreach, housing & referral services
1750 Emergency care packages delivered to homeless and at-risk veterans & families
2000 Bus tickets for vets’ medical, housing & employment appointments 
$266,000 Value of furniture, household goods, clothing & food donations collected & distributed

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable homeless and at-risk veterans need to reach and maintain their highest level of independence.

What We Do

We are the only organization in the state that provides formerly homeless veterans with the furniture, household goods, toiletries, food and other necessities when they move into housing.

Our mission is to help homeless and at-risk veterans reach and maintain their highest levels of independence. We work cooperatively with the Veterans Administration, Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, Milwaukee County Veterans Service Officer, and other non-profit agencies.  We do not to duplicate efforts; we offer unique programs and services to fill the gaps. 

Our New Programs

In addition to our core programs, two new programs address the critical and changing needs of our vets. Our WELLNESS ASSESSMENT program was made possible through a grant from the Faye McBeath Foundation. In conjunction with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing, this program provides in-home assessments by nursing students for the 700 homeless veterans we have moved into permanent housing. Once assessments are conducted, MHVI works with our partners to address the medical, employment, and family needs of these veterans to ensure they continue their path to healthy, independent living.

Our WOVIN (Women Veterans Initiative)program addresses the fastest growing segment of the homeless and at-risk veteran population.  The challenges of women vets are extremely daunting and often include PTSD, substance abuse, domestic and sexual abuse, loss of their children, unemployment, and complications with VA benefits, as well as homelessness.

2014 Financials


Individuals $131,047
Foundations $121,431
Businesses $29,726
Nonprofits $22,692
Community Shares   $6,549
SUBTOTAL $311,445
In-kind donations $266,000
TOTAL $577,445


Home Support $344,843
Admin Costs $102,501
Emergency Pantry $33,184
Veterans’ Outreach $29,561
WOVIN $1,105
NET INCOME $66,498