"The Milwaukee Homeless Veteran Initiative provides the services that homeless and at-risk veterans need to reach and maintain their highest level of independence"

MHVI's Mission

Since 2008, we have helped more than 2,000 veterans and their families in a variety of ways. We fill the gaps that no one else addresses. The need is great and growing.

We do outreach to find homeless veterans where they sleep and at daytime shelters, meal sites and other places where the homeless gather. We help them in obtaining benefits, housing, medical care, clothing, toiletries; transportation and other necessities, and furnishing apartments when they do get a place to live.

  •  Started by veterans for veterans.
  •  Six paid staff
  •  Two staff were formerly homeless
  •  60 volunteers
  •  Hundreds of generous donors
MHVI operates without red tape. There is no Catch-22 here. If you wore a uniform, you're a veteran and we will help you.

Our Story

The Homeless Veterans Initiative began in June 2008 when two members of the Milwaukee chapter of Veterans of Peace, Mark Foreman and Dennis Johnson, began interviewing homeless veterans at Repairers of the Breach, a daytime shelter in Milwaukee, to find out what kinds of help they needed.  It began slowly, giving bus tickets to homeless veterans to help them to get to appointments, and walking them through the process of qualifying for health care and other benefits.

Next came early morning outreach to find homeless vets where they sleep... read more